At Whippletree, we are always on the hunt to find new antiques for our collection. If you are interested in selling a single piece or a complete collection or an estate, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be glad to give you a hand. We have been buying locally for the past forty years and would be happy to review your antiques on site, at your convenience or email us a photo.


We work very hard at keeping Whippletree a authentic antique store. We are always willing  to look at any thing you have to offer  just give us a call or send us a picture.


At Whippletree we work with several auction galleries. In some cases, it is very beneficial to sell through auction house for certain objects (works of art, large collections, or pieces that not right for a smaller shop). If you are looking for help to sell through an auction please give us a call. Experience goes a long way in this field.

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